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The distribution of pharmaceuticals is carried out in accordance with the Decision on Licence to distribute pharmaceuticals issued by the State Institute for Drug Control. We strictly comply with all the legislative processes and stick to full compliance with the conditions of the appropriate distribution routine. Our distribution of pharmaceuticals is licensed to purchase and store pharmaceuticals within the entire European Union and to purchase worldwide.  

Guarantee of quality and genuineness
Within the distribution of pharmaceuticals we purchase and distribute only pharmaceuticals approved by the State Institute for Drug Control in the Czech Republic or by other inspection bodies within the European Union.

Areas of distribution
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sanitary engineering preparations
  • Over-the-counter drugs
  • Food supplements
  • Cosmetic preparations
  • And other...

Who we co-operate with
Our distribution of pharmaceuticals co-operates exclusively with partners licensed to trade in pharmaceuticals:
  • Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Distributors of pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals

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